Fees & Refund Policy

The policy provides a platform upon which decisions can be made, by responsible staff engaging with potential and current students’ full qualification, part qualification and/or single unit course fees ensuring all parties are provided with accurate, timely and sufficient information regarding fees associated with the RTO services.

All fees are to be paid at the specified time, as per the course information and can only be paid over the phone, EFT, online and/or bank transfer. Tax Invoices will be issued as required and as an approved program, there is NO GST included in the course cost. All students are liable for the financial commitment to the RTO.

The RTO fees which may vary between courses, depending on the nature of the course, the materials required and additional external assessor fees. Details relating to specific fees are outlined on the fees schedule below within this document, or information contained in relevant course section on our college website or direct with the RTO. The RTO is committed to a fair and transparent charges of course fees and charges.

The policy also enables compliance against Standard 5 properly implement collection of fees SRTO 2015, specifically clause 5.3 (a). (b), (c), 7.3 requirements. The RTO requires to implement a systematic strategy for collecting of fees from the individual learner, either directly or through a third party.


The RTO will ensure to inform individual students or companies prior to enrolment of their chosen course of the course fees and the collection of fees process directly either via phone call, bank transfer or through our website.
The RTO will disclose that students at time of enrolment have read and understood terms and conditions of enrolment specifically the fees policy.
The RTO ensure that the students or companies are informed that payment of fees must be done prior to commencement of course either by bank transfer, over the phone and/or by eftpos.
Where a company is given a credit account, money is paid as pre a formal agreement placed between the RTO and the Company.
Where a company does not fulfill their part of the agreement relating to payment, the company would be required to fulfill payment on the future course bookings at time of booking.
Where late payment is still pending from company, prior to the agreement been void the company will be invoiced a penalty amount on top of amount owing as stated within the agreement.
Where a student request to make payment on the day of course, student will be advised to see RTO office staff prior to attending their course.
The RTO ensure when student fees have been paid by bank transfer, accounts officer must give clearance that fees have been received, a Confirmation of Enrolment and a tax receipt of money paid will be sent to student.
The RTO ensure that all individual students or companies prior to enrolment will be provided with a tax invoice of fees to be paid for their chosen course.
The RTO will ensure that course fees will not exceed $1,500 prior to the course commencement.
Where course fees are over the amount of $1500, student will be provided an invoice where fees are divided, student will not pay $1500 at one time prior to commencement of course.
The RTO will ensure to provide a payment plan option for students on course fees that exceed the amount of $1500 and provide student with fees schedule.
When payment plan is in place and fees have not been paid by the due date customer relation officer will contact the student to follow up on payment.
If student is in financial hardship can opt for a variance in their payment plan and/ or;
If fees remain up-paid student enrolment will be withdrawn/ cancelled.
The RTO will ensure that fees can be transferred in-between courses,
The RTO will not allow for fees to be transferable from student to student.
The RTO will be applying fees when more than one instance of transfer is requested.
Procedure of Payments

Student makes an enquiry on course(s) fees either via website, email, or phone call.
Customer relations officer replies to student via email or phone call, if student agrees with course fees customer relation officer provides student with payment fee options.
Students that have agreed to course fees and payment options can either.
Over the phone with customer relations officer
Through our website by selecting the course they want to undertake
Through bank transfer student once makes payment must send via email remittance advice
Or companies with an agreement will be sent a TAX invoice.
Accounts officer is notified by customer relation officer via email of student that have booked through a company of TAX invoice sent for payment.
Accounts officer is notified by customer relations officer via email to verify, confirmation of student(s) payments made by bank transfer together with remittance advice evidence.
Accounts officer is notified by customer relations officer via email to verify, confirmation of company payments made by bank transfer together with remittance advice evidence.



Replacement of Certificate, SoA, Transcript, Competency Card and/ or VoC Per Certificate or SoA $50.00 per copy required
Per Transcript $50.00
Per Card $50.00
Course Progress Progress Report $15.00
Re – Asessment (2nd Attempt) Assessment $250.00 per assessment
Printing Per page (Black and White) $0.25
Per Page (Colour) $0.50
Re- Scheduling of course within 48hrs or after commencement Licencing Course $250 per unit
Non-Licence course $100 per unit