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LR - Light Rigid

MR - Medium Rigid

HR - Heavy Rigid

HC - Heavy Combination

Heavy vehicle licence classes

There are 5 different classes of a heavy vehicle licence. Each class has minimum requirements you must meet to upgrade your licence to the next class. These requirements vary depending on the licence class.

For example, if you are upgrading to a Multi Combination (MC) licence, you must have held a Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC) licence for at least 1 year.

LR – Light Rigid – small buses or trucks.

MR – Medium Rigid – medium rigid trucks or buses.

HR – Heavy Rigid – heavy rigid trucks or buses (including articulated buses).

HC – Heavy Combination – heavy articulated vehicles.

MC – Multi Combination – B-doubles, prime mover, low loader dolly and low loader combinations, road trains.

You can also drive vehicles covered by a lighter licence class (all those that are above your licence class in this list). This does not include motorcycles.


Applying for the HVCBA

Before applying for the HVCBA you’ll need to go to a service centre in person and:

Once you’ve completed these requirements you will be issued with an HVCBA Learner Log Book.

Once you have your log book, give us a call or book in to arrange your training and assessment.

You’ll also be given the Guide to Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment publication. The guide outlines the tasks you need to perform to complete the training course and the assessment.


Assessors and instructors

You can only be assessed by a Transport-accredited RTO assessor. All accredited assessors are licensed driving instructors, so they can train and assess you.

Once you complete all of the mandatory training and assessment hours, you’ll need to take a Final Competency Assessment.

It is a requirement that training and assessment are conducted by different assessors. This means that the assessor who delivers your training course must not be the same assessor who conducts your Final Competency Assessment. Your RTO will organise this.