Light Rigid Licence

FHV – The Best Course for a Light Rigid Licence

Looking to apply for and acquire an LR license through a registered organisation? Look no further than FHV Driver Training to gain your light rigid licence to drive small trucks or minibuses.We are a leading company when it comes to obtaining licences for rigid vehicles. We are well-known for our LR driving school and affordable instruction for all sorts of LR cars. With years of experience in the field, our knowledgeable team offers training that enables drivers to get their light rigid licence. Their expertise aided us in establishing our firm as the market leader it is today.Driving school LR FHV Driver Training is a Road and Maritime Services accredited training provider for rigid vehicles and heavy plant machinery. Through our growing courses and sterling reputation, we have evolved into being the one-stop-shop in Sydney for all your truck driving and plant machinery operator training needs. We offer LR licence training to HC licence training, earthmoving courses and high risks courses, and everything in-between.Our light rigid licence course enables students to drive small trucks, minibuses, and other suitable vehicles.On achieving your LR licence, you will be able to:

  • Drive rigid vehicles with a GVM between 4.5 tonnes – 8 tonnes, with 2 or more axles.
  • Drive vehicles that can carry more than 12 people with this GVM.
  • Drive any vehicle that is covered by a Class C or car licence, except motorcycles and scooters.
  • Any towed trailer adjoined to the vehicle must not exceed 9 tonnes.

One-to-one training

A key feature that distinguishes us from the rest of organisations dealing in light rigid licensing is our attention towards each individual driver. Many companies and organisations that provide training to the drivers make the mistake of teaching multiple drivers at a time. Well, we completely understand the fact that the learning process requires attention. We put great importance in your education and understanding, therefore we make it a point to only train 1-on-1.We have seen that practical learning becomes easier for the driver when they get paired with a trainer to learn to drive a light rigid vehicle comfortably. A trainer will be assigned to you when you approach us for your LR licence training. Through this approach, you can be sure that you are getting the education you are paying for. We’ll take you through all the operations, techniques, and safety parameters to look out for.This helps drivers learn better and without any unwanted interruptions. So that you can have the full learning experience, to become a safe and responsible LR driver on the road.

Affordable costs

A LR licence is an essential requirement in driving and operating a light rigid vehicle. Unfortunately, many companies take the licensing needs of the drivers as an opportunity to earn large sums of money. Quite often, organisations charge heavily for their training course and licensing from drivers who only want to upskill and expand their opportunities to earn money. FHV Driver Training provides invaluable training to learning LR drivers. Whilst offering training courses at reasonable prices that are affordable for anyone who wants to learn. We value your money and understand that you might not be someone who has large sums of money lying around to invest in an expensive LR licence course.At FHV Driver Training, we offer the training courses at affordable costs to ensure that you do not lag behind the pack because you lack adequate training. Irrespective of your financial status, we can say that those on a tight budget can learn LR vehicle driving and obtain their light rigid licence.If you’re ready to apply for a light truck licence, contact us now! Our teachers will quickly prepare you for your licence.