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Heavy Rigid Licence Training - HR Truck Training

This training program is designed for people who wish to attain a “Heavy Rigid” Drivers licence. People seek this licence to upgrade their skills from a MR Licence, or as part of a job role as a delivery driver, courier, bus driver or other commercial role.
Heavy Rigid vehicles are trucks that has three or more axles and a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) over 8 tonnes.
These vehicles, can be Buses, heavy rigid tray trucks, heavy tip trucks and Semi-Trailer“Prime Movers (when without trailer).
A Heavy Rigid ‘Class HR’ covers a rigid vehicle with 3 or more axles and a GVM of more than 8 tonnes.
Any towed trailer must not weigh more than 9 tonnes GVM.
Also includes articulated buses and vehicles in class ‘MR’.Heavy Rigid vehiclesare also commonly equipped with two different types of gearboxes, these are:“Automatic/Synchromesh”such as anEaton Gearbox, which is found to be more often fitted to European Trucks.
Drivers with manual car licence are more easily able to adapt to this style of gearbox.


“Manual/Constant Mesh” gearboxes such as the “Roadranger” require the the gear changing technique known as “Double clutching” this is questionably more challenging to participants who have no prior experience with this style of gearbox.
The use of the Roadranger is declining as more new European based trucks enter the market.

We can teach you either Should you select the Automatic Gearbox option, you will receive a Class B licence endorsement which will only allow you to drive vehicles fitted with Automatic or Synchromesh gearboxes.
Or Manual/ Constant Mesh Gearbox option, you will receive an Unrestricted licence

To enter into this course, you will need to:


  • Already hold a “C” or “MR” class drivers licence for other12 months, or be on a “minimum 1 year green P” C class licence holder.
  • You will need to have been to the Road Traffic Authority (RMS), passed the RMS“HR Knowledge Test”. (The RMScharge $40 for this)Pass the RMS Eyesight test
  • Been issued with a RMS CBA (Competency Based Assessment) Logbook and CBA guide book.(The RMScharge $24 for this)
  • Contact FHV Driver Training and book in for training and assessment please have your Logbook with you when you call, as there are details within the Logbook which we require for processing your booking.
During the course you will learn to:


  • Drive the light rigid vehicle
  • Monitor traffic and road conditions
  • Monitor and maintain vehicle performance

These skills are delivered and assessed over a period of about 8 -10 hours (depending upon gearbox used)hours, each driver learns at a different rate, and thus you may require a slightly more or less time.

Please contact us below for fees associated with this course.
At FHV we have a price beat garuntee we will match or even beat any quoted price to ensure you get the quality of training you deserve.


Click here to find out or course pricing or contact us on 02 9721 2646.

The assessment process consists of:
  • You passing the assessment conducted by FHV Driver Training
  • FHV Driver Training submitting your results to the RMS computer system
  • You going to the RMS, and paying the Licence upgrade fee of $22.00 and picking up your licence

There are no further steps or assessments required

We pride ourselves at FHV Driver Training on offering the best training to prepare you for being a safe and competent truck driver on the road. With us, you can access everything you need to learn to open yourself up to a large range of jobs in delivery, construction, and transport industries. As our student, you can have the confidence to soon attain your HR licence in almost no time at all.We at FHV Driver Training are an accredited provider of NSW Roads & High-Risk Training for heavy vehicles and plant machinery. We train you to drive and operate a variety of rigid and combination trucks. Additionally, we can help you with the heavy rigid licence cost fee and application procedure, ensuring that you have all of the necessary papers and certification to take the road.When you need a heavy rigid licence to open the door to more opportunities ahead, the people of Sydney always come to us. FHV Driver Training adheres to all the rules and regulations of NSW Roads & High-Risk Training regarding our heavy rigid license courses. Dedicated to producing safe, capable, and responsible truck drivers, we have come to been known as an innovative training provider of HR truck licence programmes in the Sydney region.We are immensely proud of the standards in driving and operating we have assisted students to achieve through our training. And it is this high standard throughout our curriculum that has made us the #1 HR drivers licence training in the region. Our instructors always make sure that they teach you in a such way that you completely understand all that you need to know about driving heavy vehicles responsibly.Therefore, if you are looking to get HR licence training, you can always find the best assistance with us. On achieving your HR Driver’s Licence, you will:

  • Be permitted to drive trucks with 3 or more axles, with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of more 3 tonnes (although Towed trailers may not exceed 9 tonnes GVM).
  • Be permitted to drive LR, MR and HR.

A heavy rigid license opens opportunities to jobs in driving and operating large council buses, earth moving, interstate coaches, removal companies, mining industries, and delivery transportation.

A few words on our programme

FHV Driver Training’s HR truck training and assessment falls in line with all NSW Roads & High-Risk Training’s rules and regulations. It is a full 6–8-hour day course and requires first holding a valid NSW drivers C-licence (or car’s licence) for at least 2 years.Upon successfully completing the course, drivers will be able to:

  • Execute the inspections and checks before beginning operations
  • Identify hazards and practice defensive driving
  • Safely and correctly start, steer, manoeuvre, position and stop the heavy rigid vehicle
  • Manage the engine power to minimise wear on gear and engine
  • Reverse while maintaining visibility to safely and accurately position the vehicle
  • Park, shut off and properly secure the vehicle
  • Load the vehicle safely with the appropriate and safe loading restraint methods
  • Our HR truck licence training is open to everyone across the NSW region. It is our expertise, experience and our attention to detail that helps us to provide arguably the best HR licence training in the region.

When you successfully complete the process, we provide the HR truck licence that ascertains your credibility as a driver of heavy rigid vehicles.

How good are our training vehicles?

We continuously keep our fleet of training trucks and vehicles in excellent shape. We operate contemporary large rigid trucks that meet all applicable regulations. Permitting our learners at our heavy truck driving school to get correct handling of HR trucks in order to become safe and competent on the road.Our programme for HR truck training is one of the most popular and trusted in the region. A lot of aspirants come to us to receive their heavy rigid license training. As a heavily recommended HR truck training provider, they understand that FHV Driver Training will equip them with all the skills necessary to confidently attain their HR truck licence.

Learn from the best

We aim to provide the finest HR truck training in the region – one that suits the needs of all our students. Are you looking to learn from the best providers of such heavy vehicle driving training? Then feel free to get in touch with enquiries on our HR drivers’ licence training programme. You can call us on 1300 881 842. You can also visit our office with your queries about our HR licence training programme. Our address is 200 Military Rd Yennora NSW 2161. We stay open from 7 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 12 pm on the weekends. Let us set you on the path to glory with our HR truck training course. We make sure with our training, that you experience no issues on the road.