RTO Partnering

What is RTO Partnering?
RTO Partnering is when an enterprise and a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) work together to deliver quality training and/or assessment of Vocational Education and Training (VET – Nationally Recognised) courses. RTO Partnering allows an enterprise to deliver personalised training at their own time, location and training setting that suits their business.

Having said this, it can be very difficult and expensive to start and manage a Registered Training Organisation. However, we can offer you all the advantages by working in partnership with CTPM Australasia.

Why partner with CTPM Australasia?
An RTO Partnership with CTPM Australasia can be beneficial to your business and the industry your business operates within. When you form a partnership arrangement, it provides opportunities to share skills, resources, and facility through mutual benefits as well as help you undertake all of the RTO-related work, allowing you to focus primarily on your business goals. Moreover, CTPM Australasia can also provide the structure that enables clients to apply for government funded training.

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