Mr Medium Rigid Truck Licencing Course

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FHV Driver Training is an accredited training provider of NSW Roads & High-Risk Training for MR licence courses.

While many MR licence courses are available out there in Sydney, not all promise the thorough training, level of supervision and affordability as our MR licence course.

Our MR driving instructors are well equipped with many years driving and in the industry, to assist even more anxious MR drivers on the road. After completing and holding your Car or C-Licence for a minimum of 12 months, you will be able to sign on for our full 1 day of training.
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Course Outline

You can expect our MR licence course to cover –
  • Pre-operational inspection checks to ensure proper standards across your MR vehicle
  • Learn how to set up, identify and use the cabin drills and controls
  • Starting the MR vehicle and moving off
  • Navigate steering, gears, and brakes
  • Maintain efficient positioning
  • Create and maintain a crash avoidance space for the MR vehicle
  • Securing loads
  • Reversing
  • Driving on inclines and declines
  • Shutting down and securing the MR vehicle
At the end of the course, you will be able to drive vehicles like:
  • Buses
  • Local delivery and courier vehicles
  • Removalist trucks

Why become a MR driver?

In a post-pandemic world, delivery drivers and removalist drivers have increasingly grown in demand. Gaining your MR licence will allow you to drive these vehicles and position yourself more competitively in the Sydney job market. Our instructors can help you to become a safe and competent MR driver, that is fully prepared for the road. So that you can fully grasp these new and exciting opportunities.
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What you can expect with this course

Our MR licence course at FHV Driver Training is one of the most reputed MR licence courses offered in Sydney. Our name is recognised in the industry as a training provider that produces highly safe, responsible, and competent MR drivers on the road. Which means you can rest assured that you will receive all the proper training to become a MR driver through our course.

In the MR course you will learn through a combination of classroom learning, as well as learning through supervised driving. Through learning from both theory and practical means, you will be able to gain your confidence at the end of the course and become eligible for a MR licence.

Affordable entry into the road transport and delivery industry

Unlike other licence courses, FHV Driver Training provides training that won’t be priced out of what you can afford. It is important to us that everyone can be able to access our driving licence courses and become equipped with the skills they need to work on the road.

The road transport and delivery industry is a hot and growing market in Australia. In Sydney, NSW, we strive to support participants and the industry with our professional training that gives learning drivers all they need to know for the successful entry into these opportunities.

All our courses are priced affordably, which means you can always have access to a driving course that better equips you as a working driver.
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  • Complete an eyesight test with RMS
  • Complete the MR knowledge test with RMS
  • Have previously held a class C or LR licence for at least 12 months

Get your start in one of Australia’s fastest growing industry with our licence courses

FHV Driver Training has some of the best instructors in the area. They will be able to take you fully through the course so that you are fully equipped to drive a MR vehicle.

We run our courses every day of the week. After you complete your RMS eyesight test and knowledge test, you can enquire within to get your start in MR training.

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