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Medium Rigid Licence – MR Truck Licencing

Do you wish to advance your opportunities transport industry? Want to drive medium rigid vehicles safely with confidence? FHV driver training is an accredited training organisation that offers driving courses for medium rigid vehicles to help you obtain your MR license.There are several training organisations on the market today that provide courses to help drivers get their MR licence. With so many options available, you may be asking what differentiates FHV Driver Training from the competition. Our truck driving school has been in operation for many years. While serving the community with truck licencing, MR truck licence costs are affordable. We’ve established a reputation as one of the top driving schools for safe and skilled rigid vehicle operators. Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced, and certified to monitor and assist you safely through all of the movements necessary to complete this course.We have some of the best medium rigid licence training instructors in Sydney. We are immensely proud of their accomplishments in guiding every student into becoming adept medium rigid drivers on the road. Under their stewardship, drivers can rest assured that they will quickly gain their medium rigid licence.After completing the MR licence course, you will be able to drive:

  • Buses, including bendy buses
  • Trucks and tow trucks
  • Local freight vehicles
  • Car carriers
  • Removalist trucks

A medium rigid licence covers vehicles over 8 tonnes, up to 15 tonnes with two axles. Drivers with a MR licence will also be able to tow a trailer with a GVM that is no greater than 9 tonnes.

We set the standard

Over the years, we have helped numerous drivers develop the practical skills to handle, position and turn with medium rigid vehicles. While of course, following all the road rules. Through the skills and experience of our accredited instructors, we have become the place that people in Sydney go to learn drive trucks and rigid vehicles.Therefore, if you are looking to expand your job opportunities in the road, transport, and delivery industry, you should sign on with us. FHV Driver Training has long set the standard in rigid vehicle driver training with our boundless years of experience. Once you meet the pre-requites and book, we will assist you in training to achieve your practical skills in handling a medium rigid vehicle. On completion our staff will also assist you in the truck licencing process, to get your MR licence.

One-on-one learning

Other medium rigid licence training providers teach students in a group. At FHV Driver Training, we know all the difference that a mentor can have on the experience; we also know that the value of practical hands-on learning is priceless. That’s why when you sign on to a course with our company, we will always pair you with an experienced instructor for a 1-on-1 learning experience. So, you can have a comprehensive hands-on learning experience on the road.

No long queues

With an increasing demand for drivers in the industry, many organisations provide training courses for medium rigid licences. However, many of these organisations also usually have long queues of drivers waiting for their turn to undergo training and get their licence.At FHV Driver Training, we do not make our learners wait long before they can start the course training. We run our courses daily – 7 days a week. Once you take the RMS knowledge test and eyesight test, you will be able to register for one of the next available one-on-one sessions to get your MR licence.

How long will the course take?

1 day

To be eligible for the MR licence course

  • Must have held a class C licence (car licence) or LR licence (light rigid licence) for a minimum of 12 months
  • Must complete the MR knowledge test with RMS (and receive a CBA learner logbook and guidebook)
  • Must pass an eyesight test with RMS

Call us at 1300 881 842 or visit us at 200 Military Rd, Yennora NSW 2161 to sign up to a MR licence course.