Stress-free Training Course for HC Licence

Stress-free Training for Your HC License in NSW

A HC truck driving school licence in NSW enables further exploration into some of the country’s fastest developing sectors. Specifically, road transportation and building. FHV Driver Training is your best bet if you are looking to upgrade into a HC (heavy combination) truck licence. As an accredited provider of NSW Roads & High-Risk Training for operators and drivers of plant machinery, we can take you through the necessary training and assessment required to gain your HC licence. Our instructors will assist you with all you need to know to become a safe and responsible HC driver. While also ensuring you can display your competence and knowledge on the vehicle. We will be guiding you through the whole process. Starting from all the safety checks necessary before turning on a HC vehicle, to maintaining a crash avoidance space while driving. To finally shutting down and securing the vehicle from intruders. So that you can walk away from the course as a safe, responsible, and competent HC truck driver on the road. At the end of the course, you will be able to drive and operate:
  • Articulated vehicles with three or more axles
  • Heavy rigid vehicle trailer combinations including unladen dolly, with three or more axles
  • Towed trailers with a GVM more than nine tonnes
  • Any heavy vehicle category under HC
This includes vehicles like prime movers with a single semi-trailer, low loader dolly, as well as HR (heavy rigid) combinations like unladen dollies with at least 3 axles.

Why we are different

We are the industry’s top source of hc licence training for heavy trucks and industrial machines. The drivers we produce at FHV Driver Training have a reputation for being safe, capable, and responsible drivers on the road, and on worksites. We take immense pride in the standards our instructors set when it comes to heavy vehicle training in Sydney. Therefore, for anyone wanting to get their HC truck licence, get in contact about booking a course! We operate under the Road and Maritime Services licencing process for heavy combination licenses. At the end of the course, we video record your performance as a part of a Final Competency Assessment which will be sent to RMS. After this is submitted, you will be able to apply for and gain your HC truck licence. This licence is required in a wide array of roles such as the following:
  • Tanker Driver
  • Container Transport Driver
  • Quarry or Road Construction Driver
  • Heavy General Freight Driver
  • Refrigerated Transport Driver
  • What do you need to take the course?
The prerequisites of our HC truck licence course are as follows:
  • You must have held a car (C licence) for at least 3 years
  • You must have held a full-class HR or MR licence for 12 months
  • Pass the HC knowledge test and an eyesight test at the RMS.
  • Pass an RMS driving test.
  • What the course cover
Our HC licence course goes over the following areas:
  • Following all the pre-operational check and cabin drill
  • Starting the vehicle, taking off, shutting down and securing after use
  • Undertaking the proper use of steering, gears, brakes, and accelerator
  • Create a suitable crash avoidance space, then maintain and protect it
  • Following road rules and directions with a HC vehicle
  • Reversing and parking
  • Starting and stopping on a hill
  • Securing loads
  • Trailer coupling and uncoupling

How long does the course run?

The class duration depends on what you choose when you register for the course online, which we offer based on competency. We offer our courses weekly. All the time spent in the course is dedicated to assessment and training. At the end, you will have all the skills and the final competency assessment you need to drive heavy combination vehicles.

Learn from the best

If you’re interested in attending a reputable heavy duty driving school, contact us at 1300 881 842 or pay us a visit at 200 Military Rd Yennora NSW 2161!