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Work As A Safety Observer/Spotter

What Is Dogging?

Workers who need to exercise judgement to sling loads or who direct crane movement from outside the crane operator’s full view (such as with whistle signals or radio)

Dogging consists of two main aspects:

  • The slinging techniques used for moving a load (including the selection and inspection of lifting equipment).
  • The directing of a hoist or crane operator who is moving a load, when the load is out of the operator’s view.

Simply put, someone who engages in dogging is called a Dogger.

Course Description:

This unit outlines the skills and knowledge necessary for individuals working as safety observers/spotters in civil construction. The key responsibilities include identifying and managing worksite hazards, establishing exclusion zones, and observing work activities to monitor and maintain a safe work environment.

Here’s a breakdown of the key elements covered:

1. **Identifying and Managing Worksite Hazards:**
– Recognizing potential hazards present in the worksite.
– Implementing strategies to manage and mitigate identified hazards.

2. **Establishing Exclusion Zones:**
– Setting up designated areas to exclude unauthorized personnel and ensure safety.

3. **Observing Work Activities:**
– Actively monitoring and overseeing work activities to identify and address safety concerns promptly.

4. **Monitoring the Safety of the Work Environment:**
– Keeping a vigilant eye on the overall safety of the work environment and taking necessary actions to maintain safety standards.

This unit is particularly relevant to individuals in operational roles within civil construction, working under supervision. It emphasizes the importance of adhering to established routines and procedures while taking some responsibility for the quality of work outcomes. The role of a safety observer/spotter is crucial in promoting a secure working environment in construction settings.

Course Outcomes:

  • Requirements for HRW Licence.
  • OH&S Legislation (Acts, Regulations and Duty of Care)
  • Application of Australian Standards and National Standards.
  • Selecting Lifting Equipment
  • Inspecting Lifting Equipment (i.e. prior to use)
  • Deciding on Slinging Methods
  • Directing Crane Operators (when loads are out of view)

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