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Vehicle Loading Crane (Under 10m Tonne)

What Is Dogging?

Workers who need to exercise judgement to sling loads or who direct crane movement from outside the crane operator’s full view (such as with whistle signals or radio)

Dogging consists of two main aspects:

  • The slinging techniques used for moving a load (including the selection and inspection of lifting equipment).
  • The directing of a hoist or crane operator who is moving a load, when the load is out of the operator’s view.

Simply put, someone who engages in dogging is called a Dogger.

Course Description:

This unit specifies the outcomes required to operate a vehicle loading crane with a capacity of under 10 metre tonnes, mounted on a vehicle for the principle purpose of loading and unloading.

By undertaking this course, participants will gain the skills and knowledge required to obtain a National statement of attainment and ID card.

per person(including all training and assessment)


Participants will receive training in the following skills and knowledge areas;

  • Planning work
  • Calculations
  • Whistles and hand signals
  • Hazard identification
  • Crane set up and transferring loads
  • Reading load charts
  • Shutting down and securing the crane


  • Must be 18 years and over to participate in this course.
  • Persons wishing to undertake this course need to have the physical capacity to carry out the work safely.
  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills are also required for successful completion.
  • To enter the course,
  • participants must also bring their own whistle,
  • wear steel capped boots, long pants and
  • safety shirt or vest.

Training is a mixture of classroom and practical.
Participants must successfully complete written theory and practical demonstration assessments.

The course is delivered over 1 days of face-to-face training and assessment. It may be delivered either at FHV Training’s fully equipped premises or in the workplace, if appropriate.

RPL / RCC (recognition) is available to participants who can provide evidence of competency for the units undertaken.


Course Outcomes:

  • Requirements for HRW Licence.
  • OH&S Legislation (Acts, Regulations and Duty of Care)
  • Application of Australian Standards and National Standards.
  • Selecting Lifting Equipment
  • Inspecting Lifting Equipment (i.e. prior to use)
  • Deciding on Slinging Methods
  • Directing Crane Operators (when loads are out of view)

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