Your Excavator Licence – Our Responsibility

Attain Your Excavator License with FHV Driver Training

Want to join the construction and civil works industry? Get an excavator licence and advance your career. Excavators are staple in earthmoving on construction, mining, and landfill sites. However, to go on the job and operate one, you need a certificate of competency to show contractors you have the skills to handle plant machinery. There is a lot of construction work in Australia that is in need of excavation and other earthmoving tasks. By gaining a statement of attainment or what’s often called an excavator licence, you are all set for taking on these new opportunities. Thus, increasing the number of excavation jobs available to you. Well, with FHV Driver Training, you can be sure of a comprehensive course that covers everything you need to know. With the help of staff who are experienced and expertly trained for this course, you will be able to obtain your excavator licence speedily.

Experienced staff

We have been in the industry for many years. Many people have received their training under our staff to pass the course and get their excavator licence. With so many companies for driver training on the market, it may be difficult for you to choose the right course that will properly equip you to become competent on an excavator. Well, when it comes to selecting the right company, the experience of the staff is essential. There is no doubt that our experienced staff have helped countless drivers get the excavator licence with stringent training. Most drivers in the area planning to undergo excavator training have chosen our company over others because of the long period that we have been in the industry. As a long-standing name, reputation matters; and FHV Driver Training has long been recognised as a training provider for proficient and responsible plant machinery operators.

Operation and maintenance

It’s one thing to be aware of what an excavator does, but as an operator you must understand all the standard operating procedures. Add to this, all the pre-operation checks and the necessary maintenance. While these might seem like minutest details, they matter a lot when you want to be a successful and competent excavator operator. As you are dealing with heavy duty equipment and weighty materials during the earthmoving process, these details will help ensure that you meet all the OH&S standards on the worksite. With the team of FHV Driver Training, you need not worry about having any operation or maintenance point missed. Our staff will make it a point to ensure you understand how to make the proper inspections and keep the excavator in good condition. Our training instructors have immense knowledge in this field and are well-informed about these details, that will help you become a better driver and operator.

Work in a safe manner

You might be wondering whether it is worth it to undergo driver and operation training for excavators. While it is true that excavator training isn’t essential to use one, the benefits of learning under well-seasoned and knowledgeable instructors really goes without saying. The comprehensive course for an excavator licence at FHV Driver Training prepares you theoretically and practically, to understand the best practices in the industry. Our mission is to help operators like you perform in a safe, responsible, and efficient manner on the road and on work sites. Lastly, gaining an excavator licence allows you to work on residential construction sites.

Why choose our training course?

  • Learn all the machine operations of different excavator machinery.
  • Understand how to perform all the proper maintenance to look after your machine.
  • Become confident in your knowledge of all the correct control measures regarding the equipment.
  • Our course provides full training and assessing, so that you can get your excavator license easily.
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