The nationally accredited Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations builds your heavy machinery plant skills so you can work with earthmoving equipment like rollers and tip trucks. Collaborate with colleagues on exciting infrastructure projects from roads, to railways, to airports.

Provided below is a list of courses FHV can provide you. Choose any 4 units for a total cost of $800. *Access to machinery will limit your choice of the units below.

If you already hold any of the units below, proof of completion will be required in the form of a Statement of attainment.

Step 1

Choose four (4) units from the list above

Step 2

Contact FHV on 1300 881 842 or via email on and book yourself in

Step 3

On completion of the chosen units you will be put in
contact with your own appointed trainer 

Step 4

Next you will need to complete a series of units – 15 in total.
Assisted by your trainer 

Step 5

On completion of all necessary units of competency a national statement of attainment will be awarded in  – Cert 3 Civil construction plant operations 

Step 6

All cards and licences will be mailed to you within 14 days (unless otherwise requested to pick up)

FHV has created a pathway that will allow you to complete a entire qualification and obtain 15 core units and 5 elective units. Any five (5) electives completed, which lead into the National qualification Certificate III Civil Construction Plant Operations.

Choose from 4 electives below pay a maximum of $800 and you will be a quarter of the way in completing your Certificate III Civil Construction Plant Operations.

This course pathway attracts a maximum fee of $800. Its is a condition of the enrolment that payment must be paid prior to enrolment.
*The amounts paid is an administration fee related directly to enrolment and is non refundable, this includes applicant whom enrol and withdraw immediately or cancel the course also after enrolling, the administration fee will still apply.

This Qualification runs up to 12 weeks comprising of online and face to face practical training. There is a total of 20 units of competency to complete which includes the machinery listed above.
After enrolling with FHV a dedicated trainer will be in contact with you to ensure you get through the units in no time at all. 

A total of 15 core units must be completed online with all practical to be held at site specified by FHV in Guildford.

All units related to the qualification must be completed before the applicant receives a copy of the completed Statement of attainment for the Qualification.

Completion of the total 20 units of competence is a compulsory term of completion. Single units of competency will not be given if an applicant decides to withdraw from the qualification. Please be aware that a refund application will not be eligible after payment has been and enrolment completed by FHV administration staff.


Plan and organise work


Carry out measurements and calculations


Identify, locate and protect underground services


Read and interpret plans and job specifications


Carry out manual excavation


Support plant operations


Spread and compact materials manually


Carry out basic levelling


Communicate in the workplace


Apply risk management processes


Handle resources and infrastructure materials and safely dispose of nontoxic materials


Use hand and power tools


Operate small plant and equipment


Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures


Drain and dewater civil construction sites